A Different Spectrum

I have always thought that I have viewed the world using a different spectrum. At one end I miss the things that are blindingly obvious to anyone else. At the other I see things that other miss. So my take on the world is a little askew – if not sometimes weird. So this blog reflects that. As do my works – my novel, my short stories and my poetry.

So What’s it All About

Here you will find dreams. Dreams of a family who have been through joy and loss. A family who journey continues. Dreams that we have achieved and some we still strive for.

As well as the dreams of the family there are my individual dreams here, likewise – those I still strive for and those I have tucked under my belt. But there’s more – there are the dreams of my mind – escaping into the world.

For writing IS magic. It can create new worlds, new scenes, new landscapes, new people – things that never existed until we created them – the writer and the reader and that magic connection between them. So there’s plenty of poetry here as well as some short stories, excerpts of longer work and books. There’s also a smattering of photography.

I suppose that is what drive me here – I don’t want to spend my life as just a consumer – I want to be a creator too. And as I am hopeless with my hands – I had better try using my mind.

So together – writers and readers – dream hard, dream sweet, dream hot, dream serene but whatever you do – dream on!



Who Are We

We are thehouseofbailey. The family is made up of.

I. Scott, born in 1969, just before the space age officially started. I am a web developer by day, husband, Dad and amateur writer by night/weekend. Dabble in photography but writing is my main “hobby”. Don’t get enough time for either. Reading is also a big part of my life and has been a big influence.

Rachel, born in 1971. We met initially at our mutual place of work. We didn’t actually get together until after I had left that workplace. Rachel is a wonderful mum who has now left work also to retrain for a career in child care.

Alexander. Our son, born in April 2009 and the greatest gift we could have. Bright bubbly and full of life. Wears us out constantly but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lucas Henry Bailey. Our second son who was born 2012 but tragically was lost to us only six hours later. Although his life was short he will always still be a part of our family and never forgotten.


56 thoughts on “About

    1. Out of interest – how did you come across my site? I always wonder how we find each other. I usually fond people by browsing the reader under the tags I am interested in but blogging101 has led me to quite a few more.


  1. You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award. I apologize if you’ve already been nominated, but then again…it could be a good thing if it brings us more followers! I was nominated and picked 10 blogs to nominate. Some are under 200 followers, some are not. These are blogs that really spoke to me and the timer cut me off from spending too much more time scrolling the blogo-sphere looking for new blogs!
    So just go here http://dawnengler.com/2015/03/20/liebster-award-nomination/ for all the pertinent info!


  2. Thank you for the follow HoueofBailey whichever of you (or in combination) you clicked follow. That was very kind. As is my wont I read down the comments to get to this box and read the crap ladled on you by your namesake; bloody nerve. This is your blog and your poems and whether they spun off in five or took five years is really for you to know; you publish when they are ready. Tsk. some people…


    1. Thank you – to be honest I am over him by now 🙂 I don’t pretend to be a pro – just write for my own pleasure – I hope being uneducated in literature makes my attempts accessible to all – not just an elite. It was myself – Scott who followed BTW – I am the only author though I write about the rest of the family from time to time. I saw your picture of your Nans on Herne Bay Beach – are you from that area? Its not far from us.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Every summer and Easter I spent two weeks holiday there from 1960 to 1976 when I went to Uni. My Gran and uncles lived there throughout that period – they moved there in 1936 and my gran sold in 1982. I still have an Aunt in law there. So I have very happy memories of the tatty old place, walking to Reculver or Hampton and Whitstable. Bit weird when you get onto Thanet or Romney mash but Kent is generally such a beautiful county.


  3. I want to say that you are an inspiration in terms of your adoption process and blog about your deceased son. Your blog is touching indeed, but with all due respect, I must say: A poet needs to be aware of what has been written in order to write quality poems. To simply wake one day and say, “I’m a poet at night” is like saying, “I just wrote a concerto, I just wrote an opera, so hear me roar.” Clearly, this is not the case……..Every person has poetry in them, but to write poetry takes years of practice and study in terms of craft and technique. Honestly, and forgive my candor, your poems lessen your initiative. More specifically, to promote your book of poems, in light of your circumstances, is a detriment to your blog. One may lose sight of your life and process, due to such. I say such with upmost respect, and I wish you and your family many blessings.


    1. Thank you for you insights.

      Firstly – I think you are misunderstanding my intent and background. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to right poems at night. I have been writing poetry since I was very young -and I don’t claim that I write good poetry. My intention for writing a poem a day was to get my creative juices flowing for other projects. To make myself get something down each day. Making it a public record just forces me to stick to it. They are raw and unedited and I make no apologies for that. I may spend some time crafting and editing them later before publishing them I may not. I write poetry for myself largely, publishing is just a secondary option.

      Secondly. This is the comment on you own website

      “P.S. Clearly, I am not associated with the house of bailey riding my “google tail,” and I thank God….!”

      We happen to have the same name. I am not “riding your google tail”. I think that comment says more about your ego than anything else.

      You are obviously am established and talented poet – such comments belittle you.


      1. I know nothing about poetry. But what I do know is that Scott is a genuine, loving, kind and respectful person.

        Surly to write poetry you need life experiences, (which I know Scott has)
        you can’t learn that in any school or university. Read about things does not mean you experience them.

        Scott has much more in his locker than just poetry, believe me I know him.

        You may think that you know a lot about writing, but it’s obvious to me that you have much to learn about people. Pity your up bringing didn’t teach you to be more gracious.

        Gladly I know that Scott won’t take your comments to heart.

        As for following your tail there is no way would Scott do that, that’s an insult to him.

        Now I’m not so polite as Scott. So my advise to the other Scott Bailey is go away and get some life lessons, before commenting and insulting others.

        To insult someone and then say many blessing to you and family, is rather condescending. Coming from some one who was brought up in a Christian family you surly should know better.

        Maybe with age you might become more gracious and learn to appreciate others.


  4. greetings from my sunny island of Singapore. my deepest thanks for your follow of my WordPress.

    poetry is a wonderful means of emotional recollection and great food for the soul. write on!

    God Bless in all your future endeavors,



  5. Love your poetry esp ‘The Sound Box’. Think you should defo get them published sooner rather than later. Like to think of myself as a ‘poet’ too but mainly about Heartbreak Hotel but I think after 5 years it’s time to check out. But at my lowest was when I was most prolific and wrote my most poignant poems.

    I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Would it be too intrusive of me to ask why you are adopting? Keep writing Cho Wan


    1. When we lost Lucas we were lucky to not also lose Rachel. For that reason we decided it was too risky to try again for a natural birth and decided to turn a negative into a positive and give another child a chance in life.

      I am glad you like the poetry. I kind of do it for myself but once I have enough I will definitely think about publishing it. Have a novel to get publish first though – watch this space.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hello houseofbailey! Thanks for the follow.
    Be aware, please, my blog is a bilingual one.
    So you may get links to some poems in English as well as to some in Italian…

    When you do not know the language just ignore the email, please.
    I’m trying to keep the posting balanced between the two languages.


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