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A Spring of Dreams

By Scott Andrew Bailey

The result of a year-long challenge to write a poem a day for a year. Raw and accessible poems of many moods.

Presented as they were written and so reflecting my mood, my life and my time constraints at the time.


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Ring of Justice (Kyrielle)

By Scott Bailey © 2013

In golden age where steel was king
Rich voices of great bards there ring
The rising pride of knights there swells
Around the ring where justice dwells

Behind the throne where power lies
The dark intent deep in his eyes
The ancient druid gathers spells
Around the ring where justice dwells

The jealous son holds his dark ire
Until it rises to a fire
Bells of doom ring their deathly knells
Around the ring where justice dwells

And so the cracks came from within
Mens’ convictions so very thin
Shattered by those doom laden bells
Around the ring where justice dwells

Image from Pixabay